the über –  movie


” … a naked pussy? Come on. It’s scary. It’s like an open wound. Why do you think most science-fiction movie-aliens have these vaginal mouth-structures? Because they are scary! Like the brain-bug in “Starship troopers”. It sucked the brain of that red-shirt guy right out. Plus his eyeballs.”

A nice, normal conversation about Richard Wagner, anal sex and Audie Murphy, gets out of control. A man and woman are trapped in a room. Or are they? They are attracted to each other and have sex. Or do they? Did the man rape the woman? Is she making this up?

fb-klein-3So many hidden agendas… so many twists – even the protagonists seem to be confused. A story that lingers between Twilight Zone, Yasmina Reza and Bukowski. Inspired by the enormous attention the Kachelmann case received in Germany and the “Strauss Kahn” incident. Juergen R. Weber’s script is about the eternal and unmerciful fight between the male and the female race. A struggle, which leads to blood, sweat and tears. Is it a psycho thriller? Or a love story? A guts and gore piece? An Ingmar Bergmannish Tale of the impossibility of happiness? Hopefully it’s something new.

© 2015 Juergen R. Weber

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