THE MAN– Jerry Kwarteng

Open Wound© 2015 Joerg Frank

Born in Hamburg, Jerry worked as an actor in several TV shows, commercials and movies: The Correspondance directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, Tatort Köln: Wenn die Seele platzt, directed by Thorsten C. Fischer and many more.

WOMAN – Leila Lowfire

Open Wound Drehtag 1

© 2015 Joerg Frank

Leila says: “True love is in the art.” When she was 14, she sat with a friend on a park bench and they smoked. Then, an older woman came over and instead of grumbling about the spoiled teenagers, she showed them how to elegantly puff. With the words „art, countenanceand eroticism, keep that in mind!“ she left them. Leila still smokes on the lungs, but those three words stamped her.

SUICIDE KING – Eric Hansen

Open Wound

© 2015 Joerg Frank

For Erik Hansen (born in Michigan, USA) it’s about  interesting characters and subjects. He played”Dracula” (Hebbel Theater, 1990) or Johnny Cash in “The Beast in Me” but also the male lead in the upcoming movie“Assassin’s Dawn” (Dominik Starck, 2016) and countles other roles in german or international TV or movie productions.



DIRECTOR – Jürgen R. Weber

Open Wound Drehtag 1

© 2015 Joerg Frank

Jürgen studied Opera Direction in Hamburg under the auspices of the legendary Götz Friedrich. After getting a BfA he began working on documentary and short films, as well as music videos. This laid the groundwork for the next few years writing and directing for numerous German television stations. In 2005 Jürgen returned to his operatic roots, concentrating primarily on late romatic operas. In the past few years he has directed in Hamburg, Leipzig, Erfurt and Chemnitz. The pop-culture aesthetic and ironic de-construction of the late-romantic opera and his opposition to the Regietheater defined Jürgen’s trademark approach to the genre. In 2011 Jürgen directed “Robin Hood” by Albert Dietrich at the Theater Erfurt, Franz Lehár’s “The Merry Widow” at the  Mainfranken Theater in Würzburg, as well as the critically acclaimed world premiere of British composer Jonathan Dove’s chamber opera “Swanhunter“. In this production he also did the stage and costume design. In 2014  he directed the Opera “Der Traum ein Leben” written by the Walter Braunfels in Bonn and Handels “Hercules” in Oldenburg. 2 more projects in Bonn were: “Winterreise” and “Holofernes“. He wrote with Charles Hart a libretto for the opera “Marx in London”, which will have it’s premiere in 2018 under his direction in Bonn.  And Jürgen is composing a Zombie-Opera called “WTF or a male feminists rape fantasy”.

DOP – Oliver Koeppel

Open Wound Drehtag 1

© 2015 Joerg Frank

Oliver is a DOP with a long experience working in unconventional environments. He worked in Israel, Iceland, Russia, Italy, Sierra Leone (West Africa), France and the UK. He was the 2nd Unit DOP for the successful German movie “Oh boy!”. Olli was DOP at Tori Amos’ “Gold Dust”-Video and filmed many other stuff more. He produced, he has a reputation as the living multitool, who can improvise in a MacGyveresque way. But despite all that, his real interest lies in an artistic use of light to tell and deepen the story of a movie.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – Anne Gutberlet

Anne is a freelanced graphic design artist and is based in Berlin. Her credo is to push the boundaries of design. She worked for several Film-Companies, loves Patti Smith and loves as well her wacom worlddomination tablet (the tool to rule). But still she creates a lot of things with her own hands. In OPEN WOUND she will not only design the KRAUTfunding part of the campaign, but also the Credits the KNEE-movies and some stuff of the set design.

SFX MAKEUP -Christiane Rüdebusch

Christiane is one of Germany’s premier special effect make-up artists. She runs a special props Rental and production since 1990. 1997 she founded her own company: Tricky MaC FX. From 1996-2010 Christiane did SFX Makeup for tons of german TV shows and countless movies. For example: “Enemy at the Gates”, Jean-Jacques Annaud (2001); “Lexx the darkzone”, Jörg Buttgereit, Christoph Schrewe (1999 & 2001); “Beyond the Sea”, Kevin Spacey (2004); “Elementarteilchen”, Oscar Roehler (2006); “Poulet aux prunes”, Marjane Satrapi (2011); “The Physican”, Philip Stölzl (2013); “Haialarm am Müggelsee”, Leander Haußmann (2013); “The Book Thief”, Brian Percival (2013); “Business or Pleasure”, Ken Scott Child (2014); “44”, Daniel Espinosa (2014). Christiane worked with the crazy german director Jürgen R. Weber for the TV-show “OP ruft Dr. Bruckner” and for his short film “The punchline”.

COSTUMES – Kathrin Niemann

Kathrin Niemann

Born 1980 Kathrin studied art in the Netherlands and came 2004 to Berlin. She is working in fashion- and costume-design. Aside from made-to-measure designs for private customers, she is producing her own collections and works frequently for Theater and Movie-productions.

EDITOR – Manfred Thomaser

Lives in Munich since 1996. Started to work as a trailer-editor the same year. He also worked as a music-editor and became an official member of the German electro-pop band !distain in 2003. Since 2006 he also has a solo-project called Arsine Tibé. After working for TV productions for many years “Open Wound” is his first movie to edit.


Visual FX Artist-  Dennis Charly Bergande


Our Visual FX Artist recieved his degree as a state-approved media designer at the young age of 17. This provided him further on his path to make his passion his job and to become a special effects artist. His goal is to combine the power of motion graphics and 2D & 3D compositing in a context where fashion film is brought to the next visual level. With now over 3 years of work experience he’s determined to bring his career further.

PR Editing specialist – Christoph Kirschner

 Christoph-Kirschner-2015_small Born 1978 Christoph went through the classical journey from an intern to a freelancer specialist. He edited – and sometimes animated tons of material for german networks. He is interested in music, tech-stuff and trash.


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